Good Question/Bad Answer

When our son Monte was 11, he called from the next room, “What is consumption?”

I explained that it is an old-fashioned word for tuberculosis.

He then came into the den where I was and read the small print on a one-liter plastic soda container he was holding: “For immediate consumption.”

I had a good laugh over that one. Once again, I had not communicated.

A matter of life-and-death–for our souls!

No harm done. But what if his question had been a really big one, and my answer failed to give him the truth he truly needed to live his life?


Ever since Eden, Satan has been supplying misinformation to hinder us from salvation.

“Accept no substitutes”

Should we accept what some preacher says, without checking it out for ourselves, using the standard God Himself provides—His Word? (Acts 17:10-12)

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