Lost and Found

About a year and a half after I lost my wedding band, a man with a metal detector found it under several inches of dirt. I was glad!

Some losses hardly merit a shrug: a comb, a ballpoint pen, a sock. But then there are losses beyond calculation.

Ultimate Loss

By their disobedience, Adam and Eve forfeited their relationship with God and their paradise home.

Like our original ancestors, when we first sin we too are alienated from our Creator.

Lost Or Found Directions On A Signpost
FulfillingOurPurpose.org                                                                                              J. David Gibson


Ultimate Joy

Because He yearned for reconciliation, the Father sent His Son on a search-and-rescue mission (Luke 19:10). To accomplish this, Jesus paid with His blood. With it He purchased the church (Acts 20:28; Ephesians 5:1-2, 25).

What can compare with heaven’s joy when one who was lost is found? (Luke 15)

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