Like Father, Like Son

Following in their father’s footsteps

In The Doctors Mayo Helen Clapesattle tells the fascinating story of a father and his two sons—all three doctors. Though the sons did not physically resemble their father, they shared his strong desire to help the sick, including those who couldn’t pay.


Like His Father

John 5:16-23 speaks of Jesus’ union with His Father. The Father works, and Jesus is working. What the Father does, the Son does also. The Father gives life; the Son gives life.

Although we do not share Jesus’ unique relationship with his Father, we can become God’s children (John 1:12)—and like the Son, reflect our Father’s values to a sick and dying world.

What God offers is the healing of the soul.

And the fee has already been paid.

Adapted from an article by JDG in the daily devotional guide Power for Today

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