Assessing Jesus

What they said then . . .

Jesus is the best-loved/most-hated person who ever lived.

What His contemporaries said about Him can be classified at least four ways:

►Lies and insults, motivated by hatred—accusing Him of being demon-possessed, a sinner, a deceiver, a glutton, drunkard, etc.

►Inaccurate statements spoken from ignorance: Jesus was an Old Testament prophet come to life or even John the Baptist risen from the dead.

►Accurate statements, as far as they go, but incomplete: Jesus is a good man, a prophet, a teacher come from God, etc.

►Great confessions acknowledging Jesus as the One He claimed to be: the Christ, the Son of God (Matthew 16:13-17).


What they’re saying now . . .

What are people saying about Jesus today?

What do you say about Jesus?

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