Preparing today . . .

In Aesop’s fable the ant diligently stored up during warm weather, but when winter hit, the grasshopper had nothing.


A college student parties all semester, then panics before finals. Another aces the finals. While one partied, the other prepared.

As we mature we learn the value of preparation. Some, however, never learn. They live as thought there’s no tomorrow. But when tomorrow comes, and trouble with it, listen to them howl!

. . . in view of tomorrow

In Jesus’ parable on preparedness (Matthew 7:24-27), the wise builder’s house was firmly secured to a solid foundation before the storm hit. But the foolish builder’s short-cut had long-term consequences.

Both builders represent those who hear Jesus’ words. One applied what Jesus taught while the other did not.

And there’s where the difference lies for each of us.

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