Seeing People Through Jesus’ Eyes

The Jesus who envisions

When Jesus sees people, He really sees them.

He sees people as they truly are, both what’s good in them and what’s not.

Although we cannot see deeply into hearts as He does (Matthew 9:4; John 2:24-25), how can we relate to others more as He does?

For one, Jesus does not focus just on what people are at present, but on their potential.

He was well aware of the Samaritan woman’s failures (John 4), but He also saw what He could enable her to become and do. Jesus is in the transformation business.

The Jesus who serves

Also, during His ministry He did not simply feel compassion, but He consistently acted compassionately (Matthew 14:14; 15:32-38; 20:30-34; Mark 1:40-41; 6:34; Luke 7:12-15).

Jesus came to serve, and He calls us to reflect His servant’s heart (John 13:3-17).


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