What is, and what is not important about baptism?

Where it’s done

A tour ad stated, “Have you ever wanted to be baptized in the Jordan River?”

Since Jesus was baptized there, is that the best location?

In the Bible people were baptized wherever, and all saved by grace (Acts 2:38; Titus 3:5).

Since salvation is so urgent (John 3:5; Acts 8:36-39), is flying to Israel for baptism a good option?

Who does it

And does it matter who baptizes us? Many Corinthians were baptized through Paul’s preaching (Acts 18:8), but he baptized only a handful of them (1 Corinthians 1:10-17). Paul delegated the baptizing to keep the focus on Jesus (Galatians 3:27; Colossians 2:12-13).

If you were baptized, but not in the Jordan, and your baptizer nameless, what does it matter?

But if you haven’t been baptized, what’s keeping you? (Acts 22:16)

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