If There’s no God . . . .

If everything exists by blind chance, then:

We’re accountable to no one.

We can set our own agenda and do as we please. If we choose to be honest and unselfish, fine! But not because a Higher Being requires it.

Without divinely-given moral standards, there is no need to be troubled by an uneasy conscience or burdened with guilt.

Why pray? No one’s listening. Why study the Bible? It’s only a human document.

However, if there’s no God:

Life has no meaning or purpose.

When we suffer, there’s no God to cry to. We’re on our own!

There’s no hell to dread, but also no heaven to strive for.

When loved ones die, we’ll never see them again. All goodbyes are final.

And when death comes calling for us, that’s it!

Aren’t you glad there is a God?

woman praising-tagged

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