What’s the most amazing?

Cause for wonder

Watching a documentary, I marveled at the living things inhabiting the waters and rain forests of the Amazon. The anaconda, capybara, macaw, piranha—what wonderful creatures God has made, each with its distinctive traits.


It’s good to be awed every once in awhile.

What are the most amazing things you can think of? Would these be on your list?

  • The sky on a clear night
  • The complex genetic code of DNA
  • A sonogram of a child in its mother’s womb

And there is more!

  • Old Testament prophecies of Christ
  • The way Scripture plumbs the depths of our being
  • The lengths to which Jesus went to save us

But then . . .

So often the human response to our Creator is a stubborn refusal to honor and obey Him.

Could unbelief be the greatest wonder of all?

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