Where We Were Meant to Be

rain on window-tagged

Out of place

The earthworms sought relief from the rain-soaked ground—in the foyer of our church building!

One that had crawled almost to the auditorium was mostly dried up and probably dead.

Church carpets and central heat are not worm-friendly.

From an overly wet environment into an overly dry one, this worm was out of its element.

In place

What’s our element—spiritually?

The Prodigal left home in search of pleasure. But after the famine struck, home began looking mighty good!

God created us to enjoy His fellowship, but also gave us freedom to choose.

What our lower nature craves is ultimately self-destructive, and what may seem too costly is the path to supreme joy.

Within God’s will is where we were meant to be.

And the sooner we come in, the better.

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