When Things Go Right


Problems we don’t have

Today was a typical Tuesday. The newspaper was on the driveway. The trash was picked up on schedule. The mail came. Our utilities, phones, and Internet service worked all day without a hitch.

I’m amazed to think of the thousands of miles of safe travel the Lord has granted me. Should I be shocked if someday I have a serious accident?

Most days we aren’t victims of a crime, our house doesn’t burn, and no tornado sweeps through.

The Christian perspective

For all our struggles, we have far more going for us than against us—especially if we’re Christians (Romans 8:28, 31-39).

And even when life turns sour, it won’t always be like this (1 Peter 5:10).

“Thus far the LORD has helped us” (1 Samuel 7:12). Amen.

Scripture quotations taken from the NASB: http://www.lockman.org/

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