The obstacles we encounter

“Why do they have those slow-down bumps?” our son Monte asked when he was five.

His word for it may be more descriptive than “speed bumps.”

Life is full of slow-down bumps: financial reverses, major surgery, an accident, a deferred promotion, a job loss, etc.

Can any good come from life’s disappointing delays? Definitely (Romans 8:28).

The perspective we gain

These interruptions remind us of our limitations, that we’re not in complete control of our lives (James 4:13-16).

And when compelled to slow our hectic pace, we then have time to think—and change (Luke 15:11-24).

We have a choice. Either we can go joltingly over life’s slow-down bumps with teeth-rattling defiance, or we can accept them for what they are—and go gently over.

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