Like Father . . .

My finite mind soon comes to the end of its tether when I try to comprehend God, the eternal, invisible, all-powerful, all-knowing Maker of all things.

Knowing God

By observing the wonders of His handiwork in nature, we get glimpses into His wisdom and power (Romans 1:18-20),

When we turn to the Old Testament, we learn much more of His holiness, power, and character.

But when we come to the first four books of the New Testament, we are equipped with a new “lens” through which to see God much more clearly.

The night before Jesus died, Philip asked Him, “Lord, show us the Father . . . .” Jesus replied, “Have I been so long with you, and yet you have not come to know Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father . . .” (John 14:8-9).

Earlier He had said, “He who sees Me sees the One who sent Me” (John 12:45).

Paul calls Jesus “the image of the invisible God . . .” (Colossians 1:15).

Jesus is “the exact representation of His [God’s] nature . . .” (Hebrews 1:3).

“No one has seen God at any time,” John writes, “the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him” (John 1:18).

So the more we study Jesus, the better we can understand the One He so beautifully and perfectly reflects.

Jesus shares His Father’s values, love, and compassion.

Connecting with God

Jesus is not only the lens through which we can see God, but is also our bridge to God (John 14:6). “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).

Jesus came not just to help us know more about God, but also to bring us into a dynamic fellowship with the Father (Hebrews 9:24; 1 John 2:1).

He stands in the gap.


Scripture quotations taken from the NASB:

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