Making the Choice in Light of the Facts

Vital information

In view of the long-standing debate between the opposite camps on the issue of abortion, one wonders if anything more could be said by either side. Few of the most vocal, whether pro or con, are likely to be persuaded to change their minds.

But it is those who haven’t thought through this life-and-death issue who need to hear the facts—especially young girls and those experiencing an unwanted pregnancy.

Seven facts

The following facts deserve a fair hearing. Too much is at stake to act out of ignorance.

Fact #1: Abortion is a procedure that kills a living being.

Fact #2: This living being is human—not mere “fetal tissue” nor the “products of conception.” Many a pregnant woman, after viewing  a sonogram, has changed her mind about having an abortion. “This is my baby!”

Fact #3: Without an abortion, more than likely this little human being will be born and become a functioning member of society, just as you or I.

Fact #4: Many childless couples would love to adopt this child if given an opportunity. But for this little one, abortion negates adoption.

Fact #5: God, the author of life, has not given anyone the right to invade the womb to destroy an innocent human life.

Fact #6: What is legal is not necessarily moral or right. Laws are made by fallible humans, and though government is ordained of God, not all legislation or Supreme Court rulings are in keeping with His will.

Facts #7: Once an abortion takes place, an irrevocable decision has been made: a decision for death. This was not God’s decision. Nor was it the choice of the child. It is those who made the choice who must accept responsibility.

Without the facts

Too often a young woman, under the pressure of family or peers, makes this choice without knowing the facts. The deed is done.

A child who would have lived is dead.


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