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The Bible encourages seekers to investigate the evidence for the Christian faith (Luke 1:1-4; 24:36-43; John 1:45-51; 4:28-30, 39-42; 20:19-21; Acts 17:9-11; 1 Peter 3:15).

How does someone go about examining the claims of Scripture?

Some areas worth investigating would include: how the Bible came into being, biblical archaeology, fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, the miracles of Christ, evidences for Jesus’ resurrection, including the eyewitness testimony of the apostles, etc.

How do you explain . . . ?

At one time Saul of Tarsus was the church’s chief antagonist, but then became its leading proponent.

What could have led him to make such a complete turnaround? For the answer, please consider his dramatic conversion story, as recorded in Acts 9, 22, and 26.

Paul is well qualified to testify. He has been there—on both sides. He was totally convinced that his new-found faith was well worth suffering for, even dying for.

In addition, there is his tremendous influence, even down to our day: “No single event, apart from the Christ-event itself, has proved so determinant for the course of Christian history as the conversion and commissioning of Paul” (F. F. Bruce, Apostle of the Heart Set Free, Eerdmans, p. 75).

Credible faith

As the last stanza of the hymn “Art Thou Weary?” so beautifully states it:

Finding Him, and foll’wing, keeping,/ Is He sure to bless?

Saints, apostles, prophets, martyrs,/ Answer, “‘Yes!’”


Scripture quotations taken from the NASB:

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