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Can society function without a common standard of weights and measures, currency, and time-keeping? Is competition in athletics possible without rules? But what about religion? Is it left up to each person what to believe and practice, or is there a universal standard? There is.

God sent Jesus, not only to die as our Savior, but also to reveal an authoritative message for our salvation. Jesus then transferred this message to the apostles. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they in turn preached this message, which is now preserved in the New Testament. This is our standard today.

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Sin has turned our world upside-down, and only the power of the gospel can turn it rightside-up again. As Christians, we are constantly faced with teachings, policies, and behaviors that clearly contradict God’s Word — even from within the church. Through spiritual training and discernment, we recognize that God has it right, and the world is subverting the message.

Using 13 key biblical principles, this book stacks the upside-down lies of the world against God’s truth. This study provides the solid ground needed for building a rightside-up life in Christ.

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