Lucky You?

Luck language

“You can thank your lucky stars you didn’t get hurt!” “With luck like mine there won’t be a parking place, and I’m late already!”

Imagine this from Paul: “If my luck changes, I’ll be out of jail by next spring.”

Instead he said, “For I know that this shall turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ . . .” (Philippians 1:19).

Or this from James: “I’m sorry to hear you’re down on your luck”?

Instead: “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance” (James 1:2).

The thinking behind our speech

Christians believe that God, not luck, is the source of blessings (James 1:17).

Does our language betray us?

Christians aren’t lucky; they’re blessed!


Scripture quotations taken from the NASB:

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Expanding Our Horizons

Focused seeing

Years ago Reader’s Digest carried an article by a woman whose family decided to make a game of looking for Volkswagen bugs. They were amazed by how many they found.

It’s fascinating the way the mind works. By focusing on certain things in our environment we tend to find them.

If we start counting our blessings, how many will we find?

More than meets the eye

Many blessings are disguised as problems.

Have you gone through a horrible experience, later to view it as a great blessing?

New spiritual vistas open up to us when we view life through the telescopic lens of God’s Word (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

The complainer doesn’t see, nor the discontented, the embittered, the ingrate.

I want to see!!!

Don’t you?


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If only . . . .

“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way you should go. If only you had paid attention . . . ! Then your well-being would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea” (Isaiah 48:17-18, emphasis added).

But often Israel rebelled—and paid dearly for it.

Why did they disobey?

They did not trust Him. Do we? How we choose to live shows whether we do or don’t.

If we believe He loves us and knows what’s best, then doesn’t obedience make perfect sense?

If only . . . .

God doesn’t want us to miss out, as Israel did.

We’re dealing with the same God, and He still wants to bless!

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Scripture quotations taken from the NASB:

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