Raising Polite Children

Where courtesy begins

When I phoned a family, the ten-year-old niece answered (whom we’ll call Emily). Her voice was quite pleasant, and she handled herself like an adult.

I thought, “Here is a polite child!

We’re not born polite. Emily must have had specific instruction and practice.

Well-mannered children stand out. Once a young girl phoned her friend. The friend’s brother answered, then called to his sister, “It’s the polite child!

How courtesy behaves

Usually courteous children become courteous adults. They keep the volume down on their car radio, never litter, are on time for appointments, say “Please” and “Thank you,” and listen when others speak.

What is courtesy? Isn’t it respect for others’ feelings and welfare (Philippians 2:3-4)? Isn’t it practicing the Golden Rule?

Thanks, Emily, for showing us the way!

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